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Canned fish "Shturval"

Canned fish and seafood of the brand “Shturval” as tasty and healthy as all other production of our brand, but also enjoy great popularity among customers. Factories, where all the canned seafood is produced, are situated along the beach, next to the place where fish and seafood is caught. This completely eliminates the storage of products in frozen form. Therefore, only fresh fish and seafood is used for manufacturing the product for the brand “Shturval” that helps us to save all valuable trace elements and substances, including natural iodine that existed in a big amount in all seafood and fish.

Canned fish "Fish king"

"Fish king" is a canned fish "economy" segment, produced in Russia, what guarantees short production period and operatively logistics. A special cooking technology allows to save the taste and all qualitative properties of the end-product and to ensure a long-term life. The range includes the most popular and marketable position.

Salted-Dried fish

The company “Atardo” proposes seafood snacks for the brand “Shturval”. These salted-dried and smoked seafood delicacies, presented in a wide range, are an excellent delicacy. Squids, shrimps, octopuses and other snacks of the brand “Shturval” are different from other brands cause of the amazing taste and saved useful properties even after the manufacture processing. For example, the squid meat has delicate flavor as well as the high nutrition: valuable amino acids, vitamins PP, B6 and minerals (iron and iodine). In the meat of prawns, shellfishes and of other seafood, which are used as a raw product for snack, are possessed of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for balanced diet.

Salted nuts, cocktail made from nuts and fruits

The company “Atardo” presents salted nuts under the brand name “Shturval”. These products are popular due to its useful properties and possibility to satisfy the hunger, moreover, cause of the salty taste nuts are a good beer snack.

Also, we can present a great cocktail made of natural nuts and dried fruits which consist: pineapple, raisin, papaya, cashews, almond and hazelnut. That’s a perfect variant to satisfy light hunger.

Potato Chips (Russia)

Natural potato chips, cooked according to traditional recipes. Due to the special gentle roasting golden and crispy slices have so familiar from childhood taste!

Potato chips (Latvia)

The company “Atardo” presents the natural potato chips with the traditional tastes of bacon, cheese and sour with onion. And now you can try new tastes- baked ham with horseradish, salmon and truffle! Amazing flavors which had never existed on the market!

Sunflower seeds

«Dobrie semechki» - a choice of high quality sunflower seeds, cooked in a special roasting technology, which allows to keep all useful properties and taste of the prepared product.


Why our croutons are the best?
Now in new packaging

Croutons “Shturval” by the company “Atardo” with the different tastes are one of the most popular product among Russian people. Nowadays, it’s demands among the fans of beer as well as it is used for cooking, for example in salads, starters, soups etc. Besides, children and teenagers like the croutons “Shturval”! Croutons as well as nuts are irreplaceable in travelling or outdoors. And actually even at home from time to time it’s good to treat yourself with tasty croutons while watching some good movie.

Wheat croutons

Wheat croutons "Shturval" - is a novelty in the Russian market of snacks!

Wheat croutons "Shturval" - is a golden crispy croutons made from special wheat bread baking using natural vegetable oil and fragrant spices. Special production technology provides a magnificent finely porous grain crunch and lightness chewing.

Wheat croutons "Shturval" in the form of cubes are perfect as a condiment for salads and main courses.

Fried croutons

We are happy to present you our novelty! An unique product on the snack market. The fried croutons “Shturval”- it is a natural product, which contains no flavor enhancers, artificial colors and flavors. Our croutons will certainly become your favorite snack, because they are cooked with warmth using the traditional recipe.

Wheat fried croutons

Wheat fried croutons prepared from fresh bread in the traditional home recipes using natural vegetable oil and fragrant spices, without artificial colors, which ensures high quality and unsurpassed taste of the finished product!

Through the use of modern technology baking and slicing bread slices obtained ultrathin, they do not contain too much oil and great crunch that will be appreciated by lovers of snacks.

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